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    I'm a former Napster subscription customer (9.95/month). I was considering getting the Napster to Go, but they won't support my Creative Zen Touch yet (not their fault, creative hasn't updated the firmware; Yahoo's Portable Device service won't work with it either yet).

    Yahoo opened up the beta with over 1 million songs, a great music player, and very nice features, such as the integration with LaunchCast's RadioCast. It also integrates with your Yahoo! Messenger if you'd like it to. You can play songs from your friend's music list, and vice versa, and you all can share song recommendations (no swapping though). There are other features you can check out at:

    The price I jumped on because I KNOW they will bump it up soon: $60/year pre-paid for the subscription service, which includes portable devices, or 6.99/month. Compared to Napster's $15/month for Napster to Go and $9.95/month for regular subscription, this is a steal!

    Anyone else testing it out?
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    What I don't like about all of the above services, including Itunes, is the inability to browse through their music collection without signing up or installing a bunch of software on my PC.

    My music tastes are very limited (to international music) and I need to know what these services offer before taking the bait ...
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    The cool thing is the free trial, but I hear ya about having to install their software.

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