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    My friend went to some meeting last night and signed up to attend training for this company. I've been to little meetings like these before that get you pumped up and fired up to get started. I just wanted to know if anyone has any experience working with this company or knows someone who works with this company. Is it legit is there really money to be earned?
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    Primerica is just like WFO (formerly WMA) in that they do just that...get you all physched up to make tons of money by showing you videos of their "president" and top sellers' multi-million dollar homes and vacations. Are they, not necessarily. Is there money to be made...eeehhhh, yeah. My cousin has done it for almost 3 years now. It took him 2 years of doing part time before he could afford to go full-time. It's basically just like any other financial insurance company in that they are selling life insurance, variable annuity life policies, "investment" accounts, etc.
    However, they're real niche is that they really work you to go out and sell the stuff to your friends and family, and get as many referrals as possible (which is not bad). But, what I don't like is the fact that they will come to your house, make this grandeur presentation and say, "Did you see how easy that was? You could be doing this part time and making $XXX.xx amount of money every week!" So they really push for you to sign up people to sell it as you're selling to them. Generally new recruits get the most sales right away, cause they'll push for you to sell to the ones that trust you most. So once you start signing up new people and they "work" for you and your "independent company" you get a profit from all the people they bring in that trusted them.
    I hate to use the "pyramid scheme" cliche, because just about any company is a pyramid, but it definitely has it's aura of "shadiness".

    So is it legit? There are people that have made money on it. Does everybody...absolutely not! But they'll sure make you feel good about yourself.
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    Any position of this type depends more on the individual's personality for success than any other individual factor. Your friend will need thick skin and a numbers mentality as the learning curve for financial sales is very steep.
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    My Dad's neighbor started selling Primerica last fall. Used to be a cool guy, now I keep driving past the house if I see him outside. Totally Annoying Now! Primerica is all he eats, drinks and sleeps now. Is that what the company is all about?
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    RUN VERY VERY FAR AWAY. Do a google search for primerica and read up on some of the horror stories people have. Again, Run run run away from this company, it's a sham.
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    Yea, he's been really excited with Primerica so far. Talking to a lot of people and family members. He's telling me he really wants me to come to a presentation on Thursday, even though he knows I won't sign up he said the support will help him... :/ Sounds shady to me, ha. Like he is trying to run a game on me. I know for a fact I won't be geting involved. I don't like the whole referral thing. It seems petty and annoying and I will not ruin my reputation with other people who I know and trust me. I don't trust it enough to put my heart and full effort into it and I don't believe in half doing things, .
    I wish him success in it, but I went to one of their meetings awhile back, but just didn't recall what it was all about. I find it funny that the only thing he has really mentioned is setting up presentations and how great the people who are over him are. I have yet to hear about the product (insurance) side of it all.
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    Here's something more practical and fun:
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    Quote Originally Posted by NextLevelMentor
    Here's something more practical and fun:
    More spam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by demoflauchy
    RUN VERY VERY FAR AWAY. Do a google search for primerica and read up on some of the horror stories people have. Again, Run run run away from this company, it's a sham.
    I have to agree with this very estute assessment!!!!
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