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    I've noticed a few folks using this when they want to sell/buy things. What is it? How does it work? What's the down side/up side?
    Thanks in advance for responses.
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    PayPal is basically an ecommerce provider. You can send and receive payments as easily as sending email. Very easy and gaining popularity, too.
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    They used to offer a Palm OS client that allowed you to beam money between Palm OS devices. Then PayPal was purchased by, and the Palm OS client got dropped. Seems that one of the cell phone manufacturers has a stake in, and wanted to "refocus" software support and development on a more "universal" platform. There are alternatives to PayPal. I know that I am looking elsewhere . . .
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    You can also get more information at the PayPal site.
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    Thanks for the helpful responses. Has anybody been burned using it?
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    The Mossberg Report, Wall Street Journal, has a review of PayPal, Billpoint and several others with details of how they work, pros and cons, etc.

    "Easy Payments: New ways to zap money to just about anyone over the Internet"
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    Thanks for the help.
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    I only wish the would start international support soon...
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