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    Anyone a fan of Law & Order? I seem to find myself watching all of their spinoffs; Criminal Intent, Special Victim's Unit and Trial By Jury, as well as the original. Is it just me or is an inordinate amount of actors from OZ play characters on the Law & Order shows?

    I think I've probably noticed 20-25 of the characters from OZ play either recurring or guest characters on the different Law & Order series. Anyone know the connection between the two shows? Are the producers just playing with some irony by having characters from a hard-core prison series play on a show like Law & Order??
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    i think they are all filmed in NYC and have tha same producers.

    In L&O you have the same actors come back and play diff characters. Jerry O first showed up as Lawyer in the original L&O.

    I got a feeling if the producer (wolf?) like you, he finds a place for you.
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    Law and Order will never be the same without Jerry Orbach.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlbrummels
    Law and Order will never be the same without Jerry Orbach.

    He will be missed for a long time to come.
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    I was just talking with my Mom about that this morning. Jerry Orbach/Chris partners. Last night's was disturbing, my son has Asperger's Syndrome.
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    Jerry Orbach will definitely be missed, he was a great asset to the show. I was looking forward to seeing his character develop in Trial By Jury.

    Jerry and Chris were great partners, but after watching Sex & The City, I always laughed when I saw Chris's character.

    Last night's episode was definitely disturbing, I can imagine more-so for you since your son has the syndrome. On a different note though, I thought the way they integrated the two shows was done particularly well. Now, if they can somehow mesh all 4 together (preferably not in a 4 hour episode), that would be great.
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    I also found the meshing of the two shows to be brilliantly done...
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    Sometimes shows are so great, one hour flies by. You hate when it ends. I use to love when they would merge L & O and Homocide: Life on the Street.
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    I love L&O and I was saddened with the loss of Jerry.

    I'm also a big fan of "Cold Cases and City Confidential." Guess I'm a sucker for detective stories.

    Christinac, I wish your son the best!
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    Thank You so much GeekyMom! :-)
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    Hey guys, have you ever seen the sheild on FX? A different type of crime drama the L&O and very intense.

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    I only saw the preview but I don't know that I can take the 'Commish' so hard core!
    My FX addiction is Nip/Tuck. Can't wait for the new season!
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