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    Geeez,The Visor Central Staff is a little upright these days.

    ToolKit: im sorry for including the link. Youre probably right, it would just promote it more. `The reason I included it was most people wouldn't believe me unless I had proof. But you're right.

    James: I actually have no clue why you closed the topic. I know that warez is very legal and I don't believe anyone would argue that.

    Now for what I was really trying to discuss. For the most part Warez CAN NOT be stopped simply because there are SO MANY warez sites out there. But when it comes to Palm Warez the only one I know of is that particular site. So maybe Visorcentral members or staff could in touch with someone of the authority to actually do something.

    Something else I wanted to discuss was who has or hasn't tried Palm warez. As I said in my previous post I have not ever downloaded Palm Warez.

    I actually got a couple of e-mails (3) asking me where the site is. I will not respond to them because I do not promote warez. Hopefully we can have an intelligent discussion now that I have cleared up that I DO NOT WANT TO PROMOTE WAREZ.

    God bless the USA! The country I love, and will support at all costs.
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    As James stated in the last thread, there is nothing to discuss when it comes to warez. They are illegal and will not be condoned here at VisorCentral.
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