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    I have recently had a holiday to Canada (very enjoyable it was too I might add) and have taken hundreds of digital photos with my new Sony Cyber Shot.

    I have downloaded all photos and several short videos onto my laptop from the camera.

    I have made a data backup of all onto a CD-R. The next step I took was to try and burn a CD-R video CD so that I could view photos and movies on my Sharpe DVD player. For some reason the DVD player wont display any images. I have tried various software programs- i.e. trial of Nero 6, in-built Sony slide show software and have used the High Mat software that came with my pc. I thought that it might be my DVD player at fault but have just tried the created discs on a friends player and it hasn't worked with theirs either.

    Does anybody have any experience of this? I have a feeling it might just be the DVD players that I have tried......
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    More than likely it is the DVD player, older ones basically could only play Kodak Photo Disc recorded ones. My Player does jpegs, Divx avi's etc.

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