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    Last week I bought a Red Factor Canary bird for my wife's birthday. We both like it a lot. Playful, happy, red and orange color bird that chirps and occasionally sings. Even knows to shup up to go to sleep at night! Smart bird!

    My questions are:

    I'm considering getting a 2nd bird to give company for my canary. Is this a good idea? Will my single bird be lonely and die of boredom? Or is it happy by himself (it's a male canary bird).

    If I do get another bird, is it better to get another Red Factor Canary bird, or can it be a different type (eg: parakeet, etc). Will 2 different types of birds kill each other?

    I've been told that a male Red Factor Canary bird will most likely beat up on a poor female of the same species. Is this true? If so, is it better to get another male bird instead? Or will this be worse?

    An interesting thing I've noticed is that my canary bird likes to constantly look at itself in the mirror. I keep a couple of small toy mirrors inside the cage. What does this mean? I once put a large mirror inside the cage, and my bird was fascinated with the point it was freaking out when I finally took out the mirror from the cage.

    Does my bird think there is another bird inside the cage when looking at the mirror? Does this mean he wishes it was really another bird inside the cage?

    If you have experience with this, please chime in.

    Thanks, Casey.
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    don't know about canaries, but budgies don't like to be alone.. we had 2 budgies and appart from the occasional conflict they were great together..
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    it looks in the mirror b/c it thinks its another bird...that's why when you only have 1 bird in a cage it is good to keep a minrror in there so it thinks it has a companion.

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