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    Is waiting for a new gadget to charge before you can use it.
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    i would have to say waiting for a vaja case rivals that.
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    Vaja wins hands down! On day 15 and I can't stand it.
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    waiting to see if I passed the bar for me
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    waiting for the gsm treo after ordering it in november.

    btw, never wait until it is fully charged. i plug it in and start using it.
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    Ever try waiting on hold with palmone customer service? uugghh..
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    Waiting for the Custom ROM to finish flashing so you can finding out if you just threw your Treo into a constant reset loop.............
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    waiting for a Verizon treo release
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    waiting for the PSP release in Europe... lucky I got one imported.. the official date is sep. 1st..
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    Waiting for the pregnancy test to complete... whew.. false alarm...
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    waiting for insertions 5,000 post

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