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    I was waisting time (again) looking at cool gadgets and came across this Citizen Eco-Drive Watch:

    It's a nice looking watch (not that I need a watch anymore with my handy Treo always within inches of my fingers), but the thing that I thought was so cool was that it is solar powered!

    They claim it "absorbs sunlight and any artificial light through the crystal and dial to recharge the watch continuously".

    How about we add this technology to the next gen Treo?

    Yeah, I know, the Treo uses more juice than a watch. Still, would be cool!
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    I have one of those watches and love it. I read about the technology and I believe it would be possible on the 650. The watch still has a battery that is constantly charged (it will charge with any light, not just sunlight) so the watch is still useable in darkness. The proble with the 650 would be that a lot of them spend thier time in peoples pockets or purses.

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