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    I just discovered this gem today, and it's funny cause this morning I was browsing Apple's website thinking to myself that I wished there were similar programs to iPhoto that made it a snap to view and edit your pics...well I found that program today with Picasa which integrates flawlessly with Gmail, ie - you can send pics to people from your gmail account within the Picasa program.

    So ya, for those that haven't checked this out...
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    Downloaded and installed it, looks pretty cool
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    I don't use gmail, but I use picassa. I think it's one of the best free programs out there. I love it.
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    Now if they can get it to work with Flickr!
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    I agree, it is one of the best freeware programs available. It has polish to it. Come to think of it, everything Google does seems to be more streamlined and efficient then the rest of the pack...I'm not a Mac user but their products seems comparable, anybody disagree, agree?
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    I agree Mac and Google are great.

    Now Mac, Google, and Firefox need to team up to take over Microsoft I love picasa and gmail!
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