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    If you saw Sin City, the movie, would you kindly explain the plot and characters to me.

    I don't know how the 3 different guys relate to each other, or the overall plot of the movie.

    I admit I was about 20 minutes late arriving to the movie, and arrived at the part when Bruce Willis got shot in the very beginning. After that, everything was a big question mark for me to the end of the movie.

    Kindly explain the characters and store line if you understood it.

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    (In case no one has seen the movie or read the comics, I'll try and be bland as not to give everything away)
    This movie is based off of comic series written by Frank Miller. All of the series revolve around the city, Sin City. They combined some of the series together to make a movie. The first series you see in the movie is the series Sin City. Marv, meets a girl named Goldie, who sleeps with him and is nice to him. Then she is killed while he is sleeping. His character spends the rest of the movie hunting down who did it and why. Another series in the movie is "The Big Fat Kill". That's where Benicio Del Toro and his cronies go into old town and the trouble ensues. The part you were talking about with Bruce Willis is from the series "That Yellow *******". He is a cop getting ready to retire and is on the hunt for a child molester/killer. I think there is one more series meshed into the movie, but I can't remember which one it is.

    I'd suggest looking up some info on Frank Miller and his Sin City comics, and you'll get a better idea. They're great comics, and Frank Miller helped with the movie, which is why it had such a unique visual style. Frank Miller's comics are very distinctive. He generally draws in black and white, and will usually have 1 or 2 things throughout the comic that has color, like someone's eyes.

    Hope that helps you some.
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    I saw the movie and read the comic books, and I can say that if you go in there without having read them first, you will feel a little confused. I'd highly recommend reading the first 4 books (even though the movie only deals with books 1, 3, and 4) before you see the movie. I don't know why they didn't incorporate book 2 ("A Dame To Kill For") in the movie, it bridges Marv and Dwight really well. There were references between them, Manute, and Gail in the movie that won't mean much to you without knowing what happened in book 2. The first and last 5 minutes are part of a short story called "The Girl Wore Red" that aren't a part of the books, but Rodriguez did a pretty good job of incorporating it in there.

    The movie is a dead-on copy of the books (same images, same cheesy comic book dialog), so if you aren't into that, I wouldn't recommend seeing the movie. This isn't like Spiderman or X-Men, where they took comic book characters and made a movie out of them, this is a comic book that came to life on the screen.

    All that said, I REALLY liked the movie a lot, and highly recommend it, as long as you aren't allergic to black-and-white movies with splashes of color or violence. If this movie would've been in color, it would've easily gotten an NC-17 rating.
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    Hi dcsipe,

    Thanks for your explanation. In other words, the 3 different male characters had completely different stories unto themselves, and none of the 3 related to each other?

    I was trying to figure out how the 3 male characters meshed with the entire overall movie, but I think you are saying that it was never meant to be put together?

    In other words, this movie could have been cut up into 3 separate and distinct movies?

    Is there any significance to why Bruce Willis' character comes back again at the end of the movie to rescue the grown up girl? Wasn't he suppose to be dead at the beginning? Too many things didn't make sense to me...sorry.
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    You guys are right. Since I never read the comic books, and don't know anything about it...that's why I'm completely lost.
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    Casey, to answer your question about 3 separate movies, yeah, sort of. Just as many comic books do, Frank Miller's books have little things that connect the others here and there, which is what they used for the movie. Of course, some things are seemingly unrelated to others, but notice how the farm outside of Sin City was revisited by two different characters.

    If they devoted one book to one movie, it'd be a fairly short movie, unless they added a bunch of fluff and action that wasn't in the comic. I don't believe Frank Miller would want it that way, so they combined them. I wasn't saying they were never meant to be put together, just that they were separate comics by Frank Miller, revolving around the same city. I thought they did an awesome job with it.

    I don't know about significance of Bruce's character coming back, but he wasn't dead. He went to the hospital and was fixed up.

    I definitely suggest you try and find some more in depth synopsi of the comic books. That will help you to better understand. Since they movie has just come out, there should be PLENTY of resources out there that can fill you in on details you may not have picked up in the movie.
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    Thanks dcsipe,

    You've helped to clear my confusion. This has been perplexing me since last weekend!

    By the way, would you say this is clearly more so a guy film? I don't think I would take a woman with me to see this show...but I could be wrong.
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    If you read the first 3 books, you will see a definite connection between many of the characters and places. If you read the 4th book, you'll see the background story on Nancy, who is mentioned, but not prominently, in the first 3 books. I'd say the books are pretty well entwined, which is why they decided to make the movie based upon multiple books.

    And, like dcsipe said, if they didn't, it would be a pretty short movie, since each of the books are less than 200 comic pages.

    I would probably pass on taking a girl to see this movie, unless she's really into comics or violence. Ask her if she liked Kill Bill. If she frowns, take her to see Fever Pitch or something instead. If she smiles, go for it. Needless to say, I left my wife at home for this one.

    If you read the first 4 books and like them, pick up "To Hell And Back", which is the 7th book (I think). They are already planning on doing that book in the next movie, with Johnny Depp as the lead. I'm working on the 5th book, "Family Values", where so far deadly little Miho is the only returning character. I haven't gotten far so I don't know if there are others from the movie.
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    I'm sorry but the plot of this movie (and of course the books) could really not be simpler film noir. Perhaps you're trying to read more into it than is there.

    As for taking a chick to see it, my girlfriend loved it. Of course any woman that you can pick up with the promise of Cowboy Bebop at your place is going to have good taste.
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    I am new to Frank Miller and did not read any of the books or comics. I have to say I enjoyed the movie very much. The cinematography was Oscar worthy. I think my response to Casey Cheung's original post would be, you should have stayed for the next showing and walked out after seeing the 20 minutes that you missed.

    The plot was very Pulp Fiction-esk (courtesy of the "guest director" Quentin Tarantino?). There certainly was a thread of commonality between the stories (deeper than "they were in the same City"). And the final scene pulls you back to the first scene’s assassination. Similar to the "Hunny Bunny" scenes in Pulp. If you don’t see all of Pulp Fiction, I think you would be similarly confused by the connection of characters.

    My only question to the Frank Miller followers on this thread:
    When Bruce goes to the farm to rescue the girl and take care of the "yellow guy", you see "Where’s Waldo" sitting on the porch in a rocking chair. Why did he not intervene? Weren’t they brothers?
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    I don't think they were brothers. I believe the "Where's Waldo" (I think you're talking about Kevin, played by Elijah Wood) character was an orphan. Wasn't that the whole deal with the priest that Marv dealt with?
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    Ummm...Jessica Alba. What more needs said?? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Yes, Kevin was an orphan taken in by Cardinal Roark.

    Jessica Alba...the only stripper that never actually takes her top off.
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    Quick question: How did the assassin guy (from the beginning of the movie) know the traitor girl on the hospital elevator at the end of the movie? (BTW, I LOVED the movie.)
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    I don't believe he "knew" her, he was hired.,
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmill72x
    Yes, Kevin was an orphan taken in by Cardinal Roark.

    Jessica Alba...the only stripper that never actually takes her top off.
    yeah, thumb down from me.

    but the lesbian parole officer was yummy. thumbs back up.

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    Miho (Devon Aoki) had some excellent kills in the movie, made me forget how weak Jessica Alba's acting really is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlbrummels
    Miho (Devon Aoki) had some excellent kills in the movie, made me forget how weak Jessica Alba's acting really is.
    All Jessica needs to do is be in the picture. I could care less about her acting. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    She looks awful as a blonde.

    The story starts out with a little white brunette, and ends with a blonde haired hispanic girl, purely stupid.

    She looked 1000 times better as "Dark Angel".

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