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    This might just classify as being off topic, so if it is, feel free to move it. On to the post....

    I'm intrested in doing beta testing, software, hardware, what ever. I can write reports, and I have time to do the testing ect. But how do I sign up for the testing? Is there some in-circle that I have to be in, or do i have to have a job in the field. any of you who beta test, I'd appreacite your input.

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    me too me too, i wanna know! At least Geodiscovery has the beta test open to anyone who wants to be a tester.
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    My suggestion would be to simply email the manufacturers and developers of the products you wish to beta test and tell them you're interested. The worst that can happen is they tell you no. Some companies, like Geodiscovery, have beta solicitations right on their web sites.
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