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    and who says that the 650 camera isn't capable? I Was in the downtown area this afternoon and detoured into the car show. I did not have a camera on hand but the treo 650 was more than enough. Spent more than two hours in there A man can only fall in love so many times in one day and thanks to the 650 I have the memories from this unplanned moment.

    some Pics here:
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    I love cars...

    Thanks for the post. BTW, were those silver convertible pics the new Saturn SKY?
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    yep...that thing is a beauty. I think its only packing about 160 or so horses under the hood, what the hell, its a great looker!

    The Bentley continental gt definitely took the show for me. The presence of that car is indescribable, it dominates without the space age curves and sharp angles that are staple in the competition...the interior is heaven. Boy, I Cant wait to make my first (couple of) millions
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    great pic's ... nice cars..
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