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    I'd love to switch from Outlook to Thunderbird as my email program. Just about the only thing keeping me from doing that is the inability of Thunderbird to sync contacts and calendar with the Treo 650.

    I've tried a couple of jerry rigged solutions, including using Thunderbird for email and my Palm Desktop for contacts and calendar. And while that works okay in theory, in the real world that solution falls short: I still need to keep my contacts up-to-date in Thunderbird if I want to use that as my main email program (so that I can email people.)

    Anyone have any good solutions to switching to Thunderbird or some Thunderbird/Palm Desktop alternative?
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    I'm in the same boat. I'm a new Treo/Palm user and just getting the hang of Palm. I'm also a Tbird user. I suspect we can craft a conduit somehow to link Palm Desktop and Tbird. I haven't taken the time to fiddle with it. I'll be watching this space.
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    There's a program, DoubleLook,, that keeps Outlook and the Palm Desktop in sync: Changes made to Outlook (or to the Palm Desktop -- you select which way you want to go) are made to the Palm Desktop. I guess your suggestion would fit the bill. Eventually it will happen, I'm sure.
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    You do know about the T'Bird Palm Sync tool right ?

    "Windows users can sync their address book with a Palm device by installing the Palm Sync extension for Thunderbird. Save the file locally and install it from the extensions dialog in Thunderbird. The extension will not show up in the list of extensions. You will have to restart Thunderbird after installing the extension before it will take effect."
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    I have tried the Palm Conduit on Thunderbird, but there are some things to note:

    1) It seems that just installing the extension is not enough. You need to install the "contacts sidebar extension" which can be found in the mozilla site. This sounds silly, but only after installing that extension, palm sync starts working.

    2) The palm sync extension has still some big problems. First, it does not sync contacts that are marked as "private" on your handheld. And second, if a contact has two or more email addresses, only ONE of the is transferred to t'bird. This wouldn't be a big problem since I usually need only one address, but the one that gets copied is the LAST one on the contact (so if you have email1 and email2 on a contact, only email2 gets copied to t'bird -- and that's usually a secondary address, not the main one for the contact!!).

    3) These issues made me unistall the conduit... but.. there is no uninstall!! You can either reinstall all of your Palm sync software, or revert all changes to the registry by hand.

    I'd really advice you to backup you registry settings BEFORE trying out the palm sync extension. Open Regedit.exe, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\U.S. Robotics and use the File > Export function to backup the selected branch. This will create a .reg file that you can double click anytime to import it back, thus reverting the changes made by the extension.

    Hope this saves someone the headache I had over this.


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