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    Check out Google Maps. It was great before. With satellite images now, it's mind blowing.
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    This is great
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    Outstanding!!!! Another great product from the folks at Google. Now that I have Gmail, Gooogle sms search, Froogle and just plain google, I will have to do alot less browsing for the services I need. What will they think of next?
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    I found the satellite image of my house today. Is that my car in my driveway? I tried it on the Treo, but it didn't work. Too bad.
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    I love Google maps...but it won't run in Blazer on my 650 due to lack of ActiveX. Any ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sck18
    I love Google maps...but it won't run in Blazer on my 650 due to lack of ActiveX. Any ideas?
    It isn't actually a lack of ActiveX, more likely not enough javascript support. The error message you're getting in Blazer is misleading unfortunately. If you use Firefox or NS7 or Mozilla on your PC, the site works fine and those browsers don't support ActiveX (MSFT) either.
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    Yeah, it's not ActiveX. It's actually DHTML (I think) and some other wizardry that's always been around (for a few years at least). Here's a link, though the graphics appear to be broken:
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    If you like the satellite images, download the KeyHole software (click the "more" tab at It's AWESOME. You can drill down pretty far with the satellite images they have on hand.
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