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    I assume this was a google april fools joke?
    Google Gulp..

    Looks yummy
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    the middle of this killed me..

    FAQ #3. Isn't that kind of dangerous?

    Well, none of the lab rats who've been pounding this stuff for the past eight months have keeled over yet, which we find fairly reassuring. At any rate, you should be aware that by popping the seal on the twist-off Gulp cap, you send a wireless signal to Google's servers indicating your irrevocable acceptance of the Google Gulp Terms and Conditions, which do include the possibility, however remote, of hideous genetic mutation resulting from your consumption of this product. We're pretty sure you won't die, though

    POP a top and you agree to the TOC...ROFLMAO
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    pretty elaborate I thought, though a very entertaining read
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    It was linked from their main page on April 1st.
    It was done pretty well, Iagree, good read.
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    last question of the FAQ cracked me up...

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