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    oh c'mon, how many threads are true to their title?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttrundle
    I just had to read this again.....and you were the dog breeder. Breeder's are obviously not behavorial experts.
    Either post a Picture of your pet or stop posting in this thread. Feel free to start your own thread on this topic.

    this thread is for posting pictures of pets.
  3. #63 you have a dog? cat? bird? anthill in the yard? If so, post a picture, if not move-on. You are blasting a perfectly innocent thread on people's PETS for goodness sake.

    Watch Animal Planet. There are stories of "reformed" abusive dogs all the time.
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    Ok, ttrundle, please move on as requested and dutch stop calling other users names.
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    Frankly, I'd feel safer with a dog than with most about vicious animals!!!

    here's my brood (1/2 of them, anyway! and don't ask me how I got them all in one place at the same time.....)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000
    Ok, ttrundle, please move on as requested and dutch stop calling other users names.
    I apologized for threadcrapper...sorry all.
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    like angels....................

    chick-who's pic you got for your avatar?
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    sigh.....this WILL bug me....she looks sooo familiar!!

    so, here's #4:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chick-Dance
    ido, you have adorable pets. And Elmo is as cute as they come. You must be feeling lucky.
    (Avatar isn't a famous person, ido. Really.)

    My cat, Scooter, turned 8 on April 1st. No fooling!

    He's usually on Cam because he is always sleeping. Click on the picture at the center of my homepage.
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    I have reformed many "bad" dogs in the house with kids. The kids actuall help. No one has ever been bitten. Its all about understanding dogs.

    Here are my current babies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    Sorry, have a good time. I love all of your posts here at TC, I have very strong feelings about human responsibilty towards animals and especially dogs.

    I apologize for calling you a "threadcrapper". Perhaps another thread on dog behavior would be better and we can get back to going gagga over cute pets.

    take care

    NP. The party rocked!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chick-Dance
    (Avatar isn't a famous person, ido. Really.)
    Is it you?
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    The first 2 pictures are of mine the last is of my 2 and my parents 2
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    Here is Bernadette. She is a Bernese Mountain dog, 5 months old.
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    heres my baby 1 year 3 month old pitbull @ 82 pounds

    Cofi and my roomates Whippet

    My wife Me and Cofi

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    Chelsea the Pyrenees
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    I call him a Chi-weiner (Chiwawa/Dachsund). He likes to sit on the porch and yawn in the sun. He is just a spoiled baby.
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    Quote Originally Posted by timexx8
    My 18lb Maine Coone...thats considered small
    Is that his leash? Or do you have him plugged into the wall?

    btw, our Scooter just came back from the vet the other day where he was told to get more exercise. He is up to 20.1 pounds. (really). He is a Mackarel Tabby.

    So, we had him cut his sleeping time from 20 hours a day to about 19 1/2. He jogs across the bed to the other side and lays down.

    check site in sig for a pic.
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