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    I recently registered a domain name that I believe has great appeal to the travel industry and would be extremely helpful for those that fly. I'm wondering if anyone out there can recommend a service for actually designing, hosting and running the website?
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    I use for hosting. They also have some designing tools to help you do it yourself (they may even provide actual design services for a fee).

    As to "running the website", are you talking about maintaining content on the site? user authorization and administration? server maintenance?...
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    How about
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    For full server maintenance and design,
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    I use its great & easy to use!
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    What about Interland?

    I know nothing about this industry, but I just saw on the wire today that they were named "Best Dedicated Hosting Provider" by Web Host Directory.

    Good luck.
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    Also try

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    Well wait a minute, how big is the site going to be - is this only a showcase, or will it be processing and serving up information? Hosting depends on the ultimate purpose of the site.

    For the design: I'm sure what's listed here is good. Just do a search on the web and see what fits your needs (and make sure they're legit and have a good portfolio!). I know of (but have never used, so I can't attest to): (has brokendown design & hosting packages)

    For the hosting: If you're doing more than just a simple site, and want more power, a good way to go is a Virtual Dedicated Server rather than a full server. But if you want to farm out all the design and server management, you're starting to talk about pretty decent capital investment....

    So it really depends on what you're looking for.
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    Visit, its the best.

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