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    My favorites switch often, sometimes weekly.

    Right now, it's CarolROI's "Immortal Cascade" series. It's a Highlander(TV)/The Sentinel (and sometimes X-Files) crossover series with a 2,800 yr.old Immortal OFC named Diandra. The stories focus mainly on the characters from The Sentinel, but most of the Highlander characters often pop up.

    I'm only about half way through the stories. (Some are really looooong...) I carry them around on a flash module, and read whenever life lets me.

    If you've watched both of the TV series, (or not) and want to check these out, they can be found here:

    Since the net is so vast, I think the best way to find fanfiction, is to have someone recommend something. I've done searches, and talked to most of the "readers" I know. Now I want to see what you guys read. (IF you actually read fanfiction.) Whatís your favorite?
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    For fans of Highlander, check out "Immortals Play Trivial Pursuit" by Andi Charleville:
    "Attitudes are contagious... Is YOURS worth catching?"

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