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    I myself have got:

    D.Vine 5 Case

    2.4Ghz Intel processor
    1GB Ram
    1TB of storage
    WinXP Pro
    Meedio as a front end

    The reason I bring this up is I would like to control meedio with the bluetooth portion of the T650. The meedio developers are rather slow at implementing this. I thought maybe I could gather up some peeps and try and get something going. I think it would be great to come home hit a button on the Treo and BAM! tunes while you take your shoes after a long day. The HTPC has recorded your favorite show earlier in the day but you don't have time to watch it. So you sync your Treo and that said show is placed on the Treo.

    The features could be endless, think about it: Play music on your HTPC via your Treo, Control your movies on your big screen from your treo, control your air conditioner, control your lights

    so on and so on.
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