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    Quote Originally Posted by Ancient_One
    I just found out a guy created a program which can convert normal video ie. your DVD movies. to UMD.

    It's called PSP Video 9.

    They are saying some people may use it to convert porn movies so they can have porn content running on their mobile device.
    Thats good, but how are you supposed to write to a UMD disc? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    My only gripe now is that it's really glossy, so its a fingerprint magnet. Oooo, but they include a nifty wipey cloth!!!

    yeah, i noticed that as well. still pretty sweet though.
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    here's a few more
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    2 more, sorry the pictures aren't great, but I think it's very cool that someone already came up with a hack to do this.
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    One thing you don't get from the pictures is how beautiful the screen is on the psp.It displays web pages beautfiully, the screen is big, and you get alot of the webpage on the screen without much scrolling. I still love my treo 650 more,lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by demoflauchy
    some extra light in the room might help...
    and taking a step or two back perhaps...
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    mine comes tomorrow… "Sorry, clients, your work will have to wait. I'm playin'!"
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    iomatic, follow the directions from engadgets page on how to setup rss feeds on your psp. They give you the dns address to enter and everything. I did it and it worked on my first try, BUT you can only browse the web using the game wipeout pure so far. THats where someone found the hidden browser.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Thats good, but how are you supposed to write to a UMD disc?
    You actually would have to put it on the Memory Stick. 1GB cards are available now, but most of them vendors are either out of stock, in stock but way too expensive, or will be in stock later this week. I would defnitely like to get the 2GB card when it does come out, but of course the price would have to be much much cheaper than the PSP itself in order for me to buy it.

    I'm sure someone out there will eventually make a UMD writer.

    There are three video mp4 converters that I know many PSP users have been using: PSP Video 9 (as Ancient mentioned), 3GP Converter, and Sony's Image Converter 2. I tried PSP Video 9 and 3GP Converter and I personally like 3GP Converter because you basically just drag and drop. The video quality from the both of these programs are equally good to me.

    The battery is pretty good. It's actually better than I thought. Most of the reviews I've read in the past made it sound like the battery only lasts for an hour or two. There are extended/charging batteries that you can use to extend your play-time or movie-time, such as one made by Pelican and one that's coming out by MadCatz. I heard Sony's actually making one of their own that will last 20+ hours, so I'm definitely going to wait for that one.

    Great news I recently heard is that the PSP's that will be shipped to Korea will have a Web Browser built it, so it's a great possibility that we'll get our update within the next few months. I know you can already browse the web using WipeOut Pure, but it seems too much of a hassle to do. So I think I'll just wait for the update (assuming there will be one).

    I feel ya, Insertion, on the fingerprints and smudges. I find myself cleaning my PSP with the cloth all the time. Maybe I might try out Brando's Screen Protectors. It almost covers the entire face.

    I'm hoping someone will make USB audio/video cables for the PSP soon. It would be nice to have the option to play your games and movies on your TV screen.

    Anyways, I love my PSP!! And of course my 650 too!!
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    Hey thanks for the update, i too have the PSP and was bummed that I could not surf the web. But now I ahve to go buy this stuprid game just to be happy
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    I am also posting a link I found to use this persons setup, this is awesome. He has a few sites linked that show as your homepage, but also an addressbar to go wherever you want.

    I know this isn't really treo specific (I did take the pics with my 650), but it is very cool none the less. The game is worth the 40 bucks actually, it's a cool game, but browsing on this device is amazing!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TR30
    I'm sure someone out there will eventually make a UMD writer.
    The developer kit version comes with a UMD writer. I bet you'll be able to buy them soon at the same places that used to mod the P1 so you play copied games.
    Oh, so they have internet on computers now!
    --Treo 650 unlocked/unbranded with Rogers
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    just wondering how do you type?
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    How recently were the top pics taken? I haven't been able to access Engadget for a week now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael82574
    just wondering how do you type?
    i'm assuming usb keyboard or something- doesn't it have usb connection? i guess that doesn't necessarily mean it recognizes devices.

    i'm glad people are already trying to tweak this thing. that makes it all the more desireable, as if the launch games weren't enough.

    i don't know if i'll last long enough for the first price drop.
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    actually there's text entry within the psp
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boobookins
    The developer kit version comes with a UMD writer. I bet you'll be able to buy them soon at the same places that used to mod the P1 so you play copied games.
    I used to work at Midway (for 9 yrs) and what I loved about that job the most was receiving the goodies way before anyone else.
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    So I guess the Nintendo DS is not even in the same category then? I'm thinking of getting the Nintendo DS for my wife but may actually grab a PSP instead (yes! she actually likes gadgets!).
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    I'm going to wait...I'm sure eventually someone will make a PS emulator for the Treo!
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    This is very cool, but I must admit, you take pictures about as good as my dead Grandma. Just messin with ya.
    Blue Skies,
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