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    Try this link. It leads to GAC (Generic Artificial Conciousness). GAC is the world's first computer program to attempt to learn from the world wide community how to be artificially conscious. You type in questions that have yes/no or true/false answers, then the system asks you to validate 20 responses each time. The attempt is to teach a
    computer to "think" by our questions and validations. Neat idea and thought provoking. A bit addictive to0.

    Heady stuff

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    I just registered, waiting fo rthe e-mail confrimation, then I will give it a try.
    BEN (You know, they wouldn't let me use BEN as a username. The nerve of these people)
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    I think the answer to: Are Handspring Visors better than Palm Pilots? is:


    Hey, I like this machine. Now it just needs to know what a PDA is.

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