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    Hi, I am going to buy a car and am really thinking about putting in a DVD player - not for videos, but for MP3s on my DVDs - all of which are copied from CDs I already own, btw.

    I am thinking of getting a DVD player with a built-in GPS system. So I have a few questions:

    1. Can I turn most GPS systems - especially ones integrated in a DVD player - OFF? I don't mean 'not active', but literally powered off so there's NO signal?

    2. Can someone actually track my car through my GPS usage (i.e., does it have some active identifier, so does it receive signals only or does it also actually transmit them?). I hate the idea of always emitting a signal wherever I am. I'm talking about easy ways to track, like on some big electronic map in Langley. I'm sure there are some high-tech ways of tracking, but then we get back to question 1, about disconnecting / powering off the thing.

    3. Finally, are there any 3d party applications (hardware or software) that I can integrate with my GPS system to track my car - if it gets stolen, for example. I know this actually is exactly what I'm talking about avoiding in the above question, but if my car gets stolen, I think I'll put my paranoia aside. In any case, 'no' to the previous question would probably nullify this question, so...

    Sorry this is a bit convoluted. Thanks a lot for any insight!!
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    1. There isn't a signal on a GPS -- it is a receiver only (kind of like your car radio).

    2. Not through traditional GPS, but they can already track you through your cell phone as it moves from tower to tower. You shouldn't be worried at all about your GPS, but you should turn your cell phone completely off if you are worried about this.

    3. Well, it depends on your installation. There are several car GPS systems (most notably Lojack, but there are 2 or 3 others as well) that will transmit your location so you can see it over the web. That's special hardware to do the transmitting of the locaion, though, and I don't know if any of them have outputs so they can be used as GPS receivers for normal usage or not.
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    Hi Doug, thanks a lot for the information, it makes me feel a lot better! So I guess in terms of getting a GPS system that is built-in to the DVD player, why not, right?

    Thanks again.
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