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    Hawkins said something thay sounds a lot like our former Vice President. From the recent chat:

    "Jeff Hawkins: Most Springboard modules are hardware modules and any of them that contain radios or other communications hardware take a long time to build. "
    Except for the few Springboard modules that are software modules?
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    Nah .. opposed to all of the vaporware springboard modules that will never be more than just a Press Release Module .. heh..

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    I guess I miss the joke. Software modules would be the eBooks that are out by Franklin and PeanutPress, the Tiger Woods game and IntelliGolf.
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    My point was simply that eBooks and the golf modules have chips (hardware) in them to hold the software. Even the module itself is something you can hold in your hand (hardware), not something you could zip up and put on a floppy (software).
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    Ah, the english language, ya gotta love it!!!
    What the Heck! It's what I want!
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    But even a floppy has magnetic tape inside of it. And with the demise of the 5.25" disks, why do we still call them floppies?
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    Originally posted by PDAENVY
    ...modules have chips (hardware) in them to hold the software...
    In true syntactical terms, it is all hardware. However, I think the reason for delays is primarily flash memory as opposed to other types of chips (like used in a "software" hardware module - is that an oxymoron or what? ). Hawkins, when asked about component shortages, did say:

    We are seeing short supplies of many components. But we have faired better than most. One reason is, we don't use flash memory, which is the most affected components. Another reason is we maintain very close relationships with our vendors and have forecasted our needs accurately.
    I look at it this way... if it's used in a cell phone or PDA-type device, it's probably in short supply. Call it production backlogs or whatever you want... the truth is it's all part of the old supply and demand theory.

    No, wait!!! It's a conspiracy!!!
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