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    I know someone here will know, I have been looking online but can't seem to find the actual number.

    What speed is data transfered from a floppy drive to the hard drive?

    Ryan Clayton
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    Just a guess, but since the data is acutally transferred from floppy to memory then to hard drive, I would say it is probably going at whatever the bus speed is for the machine. Just remember this is pretty much a SWAG.
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    The data tranfer rate is limited by the rotational speed of the floppy disk. With the old standard Western Digital drive controllers, the standard transfer rate was 150K bits/sec. The theoretical limit for reading an entire 1.44M floppy is about 80 seconds ... though head movement and sector latency (waiting for the sector you want to spin around to the read head) push the real world numbers for a DOS formatted disk up around two minutes.

    Though there may be systems with controllers that speed things up a bit, the floppy is such an afterthought these days, that I'd be surprised to see a PC maker waste any R&D on it.
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    The floppy disk transfer speed i na 1.44 mb drive is 500 kilo bits(Kb) a second. That equals 62.5 KB's a second, and .061 MB's a second. I found it at this site ... The bus that a floppy drive is on I think is 33 Mb's a sec... I'm not to sure. Whatever I found it...
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    Ryan Clayton
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