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    I need to get either 64MB or 128MB of RAM for my Dell Dimension XPS R450. Where can I buy some at a low price? Here's the config:

    DIMM socket
    PC-100 MHz
    CAS latency: 3
    SPD revision 1.2
    3.3 V
    8bit Data bus width

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    If generic is OK (I've yet to experience a problem with generic memory) try They are usually the cheapest (last time I checked 128 MB for $120?)
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    I've found that it's cheapest to get RAM at local stores. (not chains, but thoses Mom + Pop computer stores ) Otherwise has chaep generic ram. You also might want t otry using one of thoses shopper assitints. I can't remember the one that I use normally, (my memery's dead AT 13!) but thoses often are good at finding prices. Hopefully this helps?

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    I just bought at 64mb PC-100 chip at OfficeMax for 69.99 with a $20.00 mail-in rebate. It was in this Sunday's flier.
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