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    NJIT - New Jersey Institute of me, we suck at sports
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    UW Foster B.School!! - Seattle
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    Its all about the U
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic View Post

    Miami Hurricanes! sure....confused a little by your post pic...
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    Oklahoma State University
    (5 years of hell for a BS in EE)

    Sad thing is I am a OU Sooners fan...lmao
    Just went to OSU for the Engineering degree as they are the best around.
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    California Polytechnic State University

    (The real one, in San Luis Obispo.)

    Budget cuts and all.
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    University of Pennsylvania

    University of California, Berkeley
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    PITT! Go Panthers!
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    Va tech
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    United States Naval Academy '02 - BS Computer Science

    BEAT ARMY!!!!!!!
    Qualcomm QCP 2700 -> ... Palm m125 ... -> Instinct -> Palm Pre

    I tweet a lot about the Pre! @bshedwick
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    Texas A&M
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    Wilmington College (Wilmington, OH)
    Class of 2006
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    someone make a theme
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    University of Texas at Austin - Finance undergrad
    St. Edward's University - MBA

    Palm V > samsung i500> treo 650 > treo 755p> Centro> Pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leukay View Post
    Ohio University! boom
    Good to see another Bobcat around to fight off those Miami U. characters.
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