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    Hi, I am a frequent TreoCentral reader and poster and I am asking for your help. My fiance and I are finalists in a wedding giveaway and would love your support. If you choose to lend your support, please go to and vote for Martha and Clay (us of course). We are one of 4 couples in the running for a free wedding valued at $30,000! It would be a real blessing to have your support, and to win. I hope no one is offended by me asking for support on this forum, I am only trying to do all I can to honor my future bride with a beautiful wedding, and justify being on this forum all the time! Thanks in advance for all of your support.

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    Sorry braincell, but that site wants my phone number and email to vote - not gonna happen. I do hope you win, though. Good luck with the wedding!
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    Good luck with the wedding .I did check out the details.
    Sorry , i don't want to give my details ...

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