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    What are you Lovers doing this weekend or Monday for Valentine's day?

    I'm taking hubby to a nearby Baltimore hotel this weekend: heated indoor pool, spa, continential breakfast and a movie, not to mention chocolates. (Yep, the kids are coming too) . ~~I need a NANNY! -LOL
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    Among other things. I got my girlie the t-shirt currently seen in my avatar (seen in my avatar at least until Feb 18).
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    Valentines day edition of Bejewled and a tub of crisco.... ohhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaah

    (goin out to Japanese restaurant with wifey Monday, probably uneventful weekend due to her flu)
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    Paris Las Vegas for the week!!!

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    My wife and I are off to my hometown to hang with a high school crush of mine.

    She and her hubby throw these elaborate theme parties. Tomorrow's party is a Vampire Valentine's Day Wine Tasting.

    I've got two bottles of a Red from Hungary called "Bulls Blood".

    Should be fun.
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    I have meetings on V-day and won't be able to do anything that day. So, yesterday I bought my wife a heart shaped Valentine's Day cake, took her out to eat a nice steak dinner, and then we went to go see the movie "Hitch." (btw, that is a GREAT movies, very funny and a good date movie) She will also have a dozen roses delivered to her office on Monday morning.
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