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    Me, well, Treocentral is the only forum on the big world-wide web that I come back to again and again. I own a Treo600 and I'm serious about it. It's an expensive phone. A small device. An expensive and loseable small device. Of course I'm serious about it. Oh, I also visit But I can't quite get into it in the same way.

    I'm curious.
    What other forums do Treocentral-ites visit regularly?
    I mean anything - not just phone or technology related.
    Any recommendations?

    Hello dentist
    Can someone remove these three coat hangers from my head?
    I'm auditioning for the part of anti-spyware icon for Microsoft
    I didn't get the part - maybe I should switch sides...
    I'm just your average Joe
    Yes, you are, you moron...
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    #2 - great PPC site - great site for everything about cellphones - my other passion is my car
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    Units - Unit conversion for webOS!
    Treo 180->270->600->650->Blackberry Pearl->Palm Pre
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    In order of current posting...
    I also post infrequently to yahoo news boards. These are more of a comedy routine than insightful.
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    MTDN First time I've been back here in months actually.
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    MTDN - rarely
    TC - daily
    G35Driver - daily
    Fresh Alloy - daily
    Fast Drive - rarely

    Palm III > Palm V > Palm Vx > (Sprint) Kyo 6035 > Handspring Treo 300
    > Handspring Treo 600 Oct.'03 > Palm Treo 700P May'06 > Treo 755P Aug.'07 > Pre(-) June'09 + TouchPad July'11 LONG LIVE webOS!!!
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    Oh, oh, the english police lady is back (watch out and bring out your spell checkers. )

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