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    ...before the adult industry started creating websites for handheld devices with browsers. (not the download/sms type, but a real browser website)

    There's one out for the latest Treos (600 & 650) by a company called PocketThumbs that has galleries of nude photography! (no porn).

    WARNING: I am not going to post the link because it does go to a nude site, although tastefully done, but you can figure out the link or google it if you wish to visit.

    I hope more companies start making cool rich media sites like this instead of all the text sites they have now...

    EDIT: the wesbite is PocketThumbs DOT com
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    wow, i am surprised no one felt to comment on adult nudes being targeted to palm treo and pocket pc devices as a browsable website.

    should this have gone in Off Topic?
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    Oh, great. Now we will have to listen to all of these "Help, Dropped Treo in Toilet" threads.

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