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    I'm about to order over a $150 worth of products and I don't care for their return policy but the prices are unbeatable. Anyone had any problems with them?
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    The only thing I don't like about them is the shipping policy. They offer "free" shipping but I have had to pay a handling fee on every item I have purchased from them.
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    Yes I see the $4.95 handling fee, but it beats PCmalls "Free shipping on $99 orders w/ mail in rebate". Were the products you ordered okay? Any problems?
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    I don't like ecost. They take too long to ship, and you can't return anything unless it is defective, and even in this case their policy gives them the option of exchanging, not refunding. I return things because I don't like certain features, and not just if the product is DOA.

    Thus, I do most my online shopping with Amazon when they have the item I'm looking for.
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    Yeah but doesn't Amazon's return policy depend on the vendor you're buying from?
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    I don't use ecost anymore for two reasons: (1) the handling fee; and (2) a rebate I thought I could use was invalid because my purchase was from a refurbished item. The fine print excluded refurbished items, but I didn't notice it until after my purchase.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stockmarket
    Yeah but doesn't Amazon's return policy depend on the vendor you're buying from?
    I was referring to items shipped directly by Amazon. But you're right, if it is through someone else then you have to look at their return policy.
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    I have used ecost before and their return policy seems to be in line (not very useful) but the cost was low and shipping was always quick. I did not like the handling fee, but again still a lot cheaper than other places.
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    I use them whenever I'm sure I want something and that I'm not going to return it. How often does that happen? Obviously not often but the few times I used them it was great. I got what I wanted and it was cheap.
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    I buy a LOT of stuff from them. They seem to be the same company as PC-Mall (at least they share the same inventory and item numbers), but, their prices are often lower than anyone else's (including PC-Mall by a few cents to a few dollars). My only complaint about them is their product descriptions often leave a lot to be desired. But, they always include the manufacturer's part number and I do my research based on that - checking elsewhere to make sure I'm ordering the item I think I am. Unfortunately, I can't always find an item elsewhere - like some of the Wildcat accessories they have for the Treo - so, I'm reluctant to order these without being sure of what I'm ordering.

    But, as far as reliablility, they are very reliable and I've never had a problem with them. I've ordered thousands of dollars of stuff from them over the past 2 or 3 years, including a $3,000+ plasma TV (which I eventually cancelled because I got tired of waiting for it -there was no stock to be found anywhere, not just eCost), and, everything arrived when expected and in perfect condition.

    Note that as the total order price goes up, so does eCost's handling charge. At some point, it might become cheaper by a few dollars to order the same item from PC-Mall, which offers free shipping on orders over $25 (I think) and does not charge a handling fee. When I shop for something, eCost is the first place I check.... I then price the same order at PC-Mall and compare those prices to elsewhere. Most of the time, eCost has the best prices.
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    I too buy A LOT of stuff from e-cost and have NEVER had a problem. Most items that I order before 3pm show up the next day. Shipping costs are very reasonable as well.

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