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    Google Maps

    So, so. My street has been around for 3 years and it isn't listed. Mapquest does have it. Other than that I like the graphics better on the Google mapping.
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    Tha map itself looks cool, but google maps still lack the options found with Yahoo maps, such as the yellow pages search in relation to the local map you've selected. Perhaps Google is still tweaking their new app.

    Edit: It is still not an interactive map. All you get is the option for directions [from, to] the adress you found.
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    Actually it is very interactive. Did you try clicking and dragging your mouse on the screen? Double clicking re-centers. Check out the tutorial.

    Also, as far as Yellow Pages features -- you can just type Pizza in San Francisco to see all the pizza places in SF. Or a name, zip code, etc and it figures it out.

    I think the thing that is confusing people is that Google went with a very simple user interface for a very feature rich application. There are lots of features, you just need to know how to use them.
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