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    " it only serves to make me post more about America's dumbest president"

    and if the dems had won, kerry would have assumed that position undisputedly, as America`s dumbest president. by 5 points. yeeeeaahhaaah!

    let the fireworks continue
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    Do you truly believe that Bush et al are 'evil'? I mean, do you believe they are really evil and attempt to acquire power only as a means to somehow do harm to others? It seems to me that if you do believe this you must think that just over half of the US population is either dumb, misguided or evil themselves.

    I consider myself to be a 'Buckley Conservative'. I believe in a limited government and trust that the open market can do most things the government can do, but can do them more efficiently (not everything, mind you). I however do not believe that the democrats (Clinton and Kerry included) are 'evil'. I often disagree with how they define issues and how they attempt to fix problems. It seems to me that having such visceral and severe contempt for your opposition makes it difficult for people to have a logical and honest conversation about the facts with you.

    Take, for example, your avatar. Instead of showing your support for something (your party, for instance) you go out of your way to show your opposition to Republicans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nudist
    I can't help noticing how some of you want to tell me what to do. As your great **** said in the Senate chambers "Go F--- yourself". Maybe he needs some anger management also??

    I have every bit as much right as you and the others to say what I want in here. You don't stifle yourselves and you should not stifle me. Disagree all you want, dispute the facts, but DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO SAY OR NOT TO SAY.

    I have not told any of you to shut up, but I've been told a couple of times.

    You show a dislike for Kerry, Dean etc, and call them names like buffoon etc.

    I will continue to refer to Bush et. al. as crooks, idiots, evil or anything I please.

    So dispute, disagree, argue, pick on my spelling all you want... but you have no right to tell me to stop posting about the things that trouble me about the mistakes being made be this administration!

    Remember.. your party owns all the mistakes... you can no longer try to rub the sh*t off on Clinton! We'll see some REAL whining when you or your kids get drafted.

    (BTW, wireless, these comments are not specifically directed at you. You just happened to try, as others, to tell me what to do. That is offensive. it only serves to make me post more about America's dumbest president).
    Thank God that you're not a very prolific poster
    Well behaved women rarely make history
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    hate gathers no following, and inspires no one..

    people support a party that shows them they have resolve, ideas, and the courage/follow-through to stick with them and carry it out.
    your party has nothing but vitriole for republicans - no desire to help make the country a better place, only the desire to defeat , even if it means at the expense of the best interests of the country you claim to be fighting for. whatever it takes to attack -

    and that shows, nudist. this attitude shows no positive solutions for the country, only the interests in destruction.

    there's nothing inspiring in that. you don't seem to comprehend that concept. that will be, and has been, your party's real killer.

    but It appears that you are determined to learn that lesson the hard way - and we will be there to tell you once again, nudist.... we told you so.

    see you in 2008
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    Wow, This is pretty deep. A great deal of debate. I thought this site was just Treo vs. Blackberry. American is great isn't it!
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