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    Quote Originally Posted by Advance The Man
    I've been thinking of going Mac for a while now, just sick of the Windows bs problems. Please add to the liberal conspiracy theories, I love 'em! Did you hear that Bush has a personal checking account tied to Social Security?!

    LOL!!!! Well that explains why he's so concerned that Social Security it's getting so empty. Unfortunately though, like most men he probably doesn't even know where it's all going while at the same time wondering where his wife and two daughters are getting the money to buy all these shoes.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    Advance, I have heard from several sources (esp. Macrumors and ThinksSEcret ) that a G5 powerbook will be available in the 2nd quarteof 05. A company in Taiwan is contracted to start delivering them then. It'll cost more than a G4 but you may want to wait?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chick-Dance
    Mr. C: When was the last time you have use an Apple computer? When was the last time you have used Apple computer running Unix in a corporate environment?
    You talk the talk but can you walk?

    PS: Dell who?
    I have to admit that I haven't used an Apple since college. But why would want to use an iPod when I got a 1 GB card on my Treo for music?

    But seriously, I admit that I haven't used an Apple for awhile put I'm pretty sure that it doesn't have any tools like Active Directory or Terminal Services. They allow me to remotely administer 100's of servers and 1,000's of thin-clients that are spread out over our 2 states from my one PC in Philly. Can I do that with any Apple product?!? I doubt it. They understand the multimedia niche Bill allows them have and they focus all their efforts on it.

    As for UNIX, at least I can do some stuff better on an Apple than a PC like edit a movie but what the heck are you doing with UNIX?????? I got a bunch of those servers and I'm phasing them all out. I wouldn't WANT to run UNIX on my PC - even though you can through VMWare. UNIX had it's day for integrating legacy systems but it's over. Your Apple computer is laughing at your UNIX running on it. It's like, "I can do SOOOOOOO much and THIS is what I'm running? UNIX?!? Maybe she'll write a 'Hello World' script!"
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
  4. #24're my HERO..Since you're from Philadelphia I guess you'd be my Hogie
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    I'm not looking to admin 100's cpts, just one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chick-Dance
    How many MP3 songs can you squeeze (FORCE!) into a 1GB SD card? 100 (assuming you have nothing else on it, no pictures -- nothing!)? Maybe 150? I have 1200 on my iPod

    I am pretty sure it does.
    I thought having that much music all the time would be cool too and when I upgraded from a 512 card to 1 GB, I thought I was going to use all that extra space for music. When I found I could fit about 16 albums on it, I realized after a month or two that there weren't really 16 albums I really wanted with me all the time. I just don't find the time to listen to more then an album or two a week as I don't travel that often. As I ripped older albums, I found I was ripping them just for the sake of filling up space on my PC but had no real desire to listen to them anymore. I'd be curious as to what portion of those 1200 do you think you listen to on a monthly basis and what portion do you have on it just to fill up space?

    As for Terminal Services and Active Directory, that would be very cool if Apple has equivalent features. I would be very grateful if you could tell me, what are those equivalent services named? I'd like to do a search for them on Apple's support site and read about them so I can compare against Microsoft's features.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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