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    This was fun PDXWilliams. Thanks of making light of Who's With Me?
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    I started one of these threads a while back (I was not the first). They all get moved to "off topic" forum eventually. Hey mod's, why don't you just leave one here so people who don't read "off topic" forum don't keep starting new ones?

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    These post kill me so I made one myself.
    No More Who's With Me POST
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    so, you'll be the first one to volunteer to be banned? as an example to the other?
    you're brave
    good luck
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    I personally think the whole "Who's With Me Posts" are funny as hell , I love reading them. Wonder if they could make a "Who's With Me Forum"
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    ^^, yea, at least till our unlocked t650 arrive...
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    Well, it is interesting that they appear to be the most popular threads.
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    I love 'em... Ya with me?
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    I'm with you.
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    Sorry, we try to do our best to sort and clean up even while in the middle of watching the game.
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    I'm going to see if I can last the entire day tomorrow by repeating just three words over and over again......"who's with me?"

    It'll be like, "2smart, how was your weekend??"
    My reply, "who's with me?"
    co-worker, "Dude, I asked you, how was your weekend??"
    My reply, "who's with me?" befuddlement, "Hey, maybe you didn't quite understand me, I'm asking you how your weekend was???"
    My reply, "who's with me?" realizing a challenge, "hey man, are you on drugs or something, they can fire you for that you know"
    My reply, "who's with me?"
    co-worker in attempt to be a hero says, "2smart, you gotta 9:00 am presentation remember. You better drink some coffee or somethin, cause your acting weirder then usual"
    my reply, "who's with me?"
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    I just don't get 'those people' feel better about themselves if others agree with their opinion? It just seems a little annoying when every 5th post is a 'who's with me' post.
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    that's pretty funny!
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    so, based on you're response, can I assume that you are 'with me' ?
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    This is the 4th thread on same topic .
    This will eventually die like the others after a day or two
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    You are correct. And right after this thread dies....some ***** will post a thread like "my treo 650 got scratched.....who's with me'
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    i'll get my treo 650 on monday! so...who's with me?
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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