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    I wish you could have read the really long and nice essay I wrote on free speech. My browser crashed while I was writing it. But in a nutshell, of course you are right. A private forum is protected like a restuarant can protect it's interest by not serving people w/o a shirt.

    However, when a member logs in to TC, a member does not lose their rights to protected speech. They may lose the privilege of expressing themselves in TC, but they don't lose the right to protected speech. Protected speech is so much more than your ability to edit and censor what we post here.

    Protected speech allows members to say what they want to say without legal reprisal unless a law is broken, etc. Protected speech means you have to allow me without bias to join TC and without any prejudice if you extend an invitation to others to join. However if there is compelling causes or interests then that can supersede the invitation of joining TC on an equal basis with other, that is, if I have a demonstrated a pattern of disrespect for the ordinances and ethics established then -- of course TC can protect it interests.

    I have the right to log in with no shirt on. You have the right to refuse service.

    I said a lot of other things, but anyway -- I enjoy using TC. Thanks for letting us express ourselves.

    Quote Originally Posted by MarkEagle
    Not in a private forum. We (meaning TC) can limit/edit/censor anything we choose. It doesn't mean that we do or will, but we can.

    Complaining about "who's with me?" with a thread title that contains "who's with me?" is a bit ironic, isn't it?
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    I think I'm gonna blow a gasket if I have to keep reading posts that end in "who's with me?"!!!!!!
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    I"M WITH YOU!!! Er... I mean yeah!
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    I am with you and I am one of the people that posted a "Who's with me??!!" post.

    Hey do we know who the original "Who's with me??!!" poster is?
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    Thread crapping on a Saturday night...
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    Quote Originally Posted by soulreaver99
    Thread crapping on a Saturday night...
    Well, just got back from seeing M. Butterfly and my friends were lame and went home. Had to find some way to pass the rest of the evening.
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    Not sure if I will use my fingernail clipper or the one that's specifically designed for toenails. Maybe I'll live on the edge and use the hedge trimmer.

    If I have an accident and hurt myself, I'm going to return my Sprint T650.

    Who's with me?
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    (in before the lock!)
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    You have an insurance plan, right?
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    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    Why clip just the toenails. Do the toes alltogether. It may hurt a little, but you'll only have to do it once.

    Me, I like my toenails. Getting the jam out and sniffing it is the best.
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    I find that the router with a small bit gives a nice edge finish to the toe nails. I don't get hole in my socks so quicky. I have see a corelation between the size of the holes in my socks and the mysterious battery drain issue on my 650.
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    Funny... I actually did clip my toenails this morning. Anyone else "with us"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morbyd
    Funny... I actually did clip my toenails this morning. Anyone else "with us"?
    Wellll....because of this thread, I'm now debating on whether to peel myself away from the PC and Treocentral...sneek into the bathroom and cut my toenails. Oh the agony of making a decision.......ok maybe after one more post. ya. that's it.

    (I may "Drop off the Kids at the Pool" first --- eager anticipation always makes me do that).
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    if i were you id forego the trimmers and use the weed wacker , drink alot of coffee and really live on the edge and i dare ya to video with your treo!
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    I would like to invite people over to watch paint dry. Who's With Me?
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    I am breathing. Who's With Me?
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    I love my family. Who's With Me?
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    Ever notice your dog's breath smells like dog food. Who's With Me?
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