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    I'm in.
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    For sure!


    so, um, where we going?

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    packed and ready
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    dude I'm so in!
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    Just talked to a P1 store, whose rep told me they'll have stock of the unlocked GSM on Monday. !!!
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    lez go.
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    I'm no longer lonely... everyone seemed to be with everyone else.

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    I'm with you guys all the way~!!
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    I don't f'ing know anymore.....waiting sooooo long for VC
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    Quote Originally Posted by 100thMonkey
    I don't f'ing know anymore.....waiting sooooo long for VC
    Exactly how long have you been waiting now, 100th?
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    Sounds like a VZ commercial. Ok, I'm in.
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    I'm with you.. Um, where are we going?
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    I've been with... and about to go if I dont get mine tomorrow!
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    Who's With Me Officially? The Specimen is in the "he-ouse"
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    Oh man! I stopped posting in the 650 hardware thread cause I was so sick of 'Whos with me". I hide here in OT and it found ME!!!
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    Just curious?
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    Uh oh... Not me man. You are on your own.
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    The mods are gonna get you.....and rightly so...
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