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    Just saw mention of Star Wars in a thread. I am not in denial on how popular it is, I just can't believe it. I saw the first one in the theater, in 197X and it was good - but then they kept coming out with another and another. People my age dress up in their Star Wars outfits and get up, wait in line all night for ticket?! I hear another one is out this May. I was making Disney rezs last night for May and the Rez taker said, "good weekend, it's Star Wars weekend". Needless to say, we are now booked for the last weekend in April. I actually liked both Star Treks (60's and 90's), but Star Wars sucks!

    Thanks TC for letting me vent.
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    Yup, pretty much crap.
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    The new movies will never let us capture the same feeling as the originals. I was a very young kid when they all came out, so I was extremely impressed by the effects, the mystery, the adventure. The new ones will never measure up. Too many effects, not enough "substance". I'm older, so I KNOW when the effects are being used, when CGI is being superimposed, etc. and, frankly, demand more out of entertainment.
    LOTR series was done VERY well, specially if you see the extended Editions. That's if you are into Sci-Fi. Some people aren't.
    Overall, IMO, nothing matches a good book. Dune, Interview with a Vampire, Jurassic Park, even LOTR series and the Potter series were much better when I read them than when I saw them.
    I also feel that now, as a society, we are being supersaturated with every little thing.
    TOO much of everything. Meeting with Marketing about "Branding" always gets me sick. I love the Star War books (Kyp Durron is a Jedi Master), but I think it's silly to "dress up" for it. Or for Potter. HBO had a show about "trekkies vs. Trekkers".
    Too much of it. Having kids with everything "Shrek" or "Dora" also gets me thinking like that.
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    Wow, KypDurron - you responded well for me making fun of Star Wars. I had no idea your screen name is a Star Wars character. Just glad you don't dress up!
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    The first movie had no substance. It rode on special effects.

    LOTR is not Sci-Fi. It's fantasy. I am a Sci-Fi fan but I need it to be done well.
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    [QUOTE=daThomas]The first movie had no substance. It rode on special effects.

    I think what made the first movie so great was that it was so ahead of it's time re: SPFX. Similar to Odesssy 2001, it showed the audience something it had never seen before. Today, every production company pretty much has access to similar CGI, so I think now is when the movies are riding on the effects and who can do the more incredible things with them.

    The original SW trilogy had a certain fairytale charm to it that was lost with the last two movies.

    I agree with KypDurron- I have tried to read the book to every movie before I saw the film. Hollywood is good but nothing is better than our own imaginations for picturing an adventure.
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    LOTR is not Sci-Fi. It's fantasy.[/QUOTE]

    I've got an example of both: Verizon Treo 650!
    and it all started with a SHARP Wizard

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