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    Quote Originally Posted by Talldog
    That these people would actually think they could get away with it in the first place.
    This isn't a problem for them because... who would actually believe it? No one, except the tin foil hat wearers. Anyone who claims anything they just sick the "crazy conspiracy theory" excuse on them. Which, oddly enough, is what they're doing. Obviously, that proves nothing, but it's interesting. If it wasn't at all true, and they could easily prove it, why not just do it, instead of trying to discredit anyone with any evidence?
    That everyone involved in the production, programming and distribution of these machines has been sworn to secrecy and and nobody has spilled the beans. Not for money, not a disgruntled employee in the lot, etc. etc.
    It doesn't take many people. The machines are insecure. We know that. There's proof of that. Just takes a few people to go in and change the results of insecure machines.
    That despite these charges being made public, the combined resources of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, etc. obviously haven't turned up a shred of evidence to support them. If they had, this would be the #1 story in America.
    I don't trust the media as far as I can throw them. Just because they haven't reported on this (and, in the past there HAVE been many reports on the insecure voting machines - just nothing on specific details of actual vote hacking), doesn't mean it isn't true. I do think it should be the biggest story in America. They felt the Scott Peterson case should be.
    And that the Democratic party must be complicit, since obviously they have heard the charges and have remained silent, although the last time I checked, the Democrats were not in the business of losing elections on purpose.
    Ah, but the whole reason we're discussing this AT ALL is because the Democratic party (though a small minority of it) DID bring this up - they challeneged Ohio's electoral votes. They haven't remained silent. Many of them stood up in Congress and (for five minutes each) rattled off examples of broken laws and voter suppression in Ohio and elsewhere. And the response from the Republicans (for five minutes each) was: Why Ohio? You're a crazy conspiracy theorist.
    I think you have to be pretty far out on the fringe to buy into this set of assumptions.
    Well, then I guess I am.
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    "I have drawn this conclusion, but I would say the GC doesnt apply to them. And since they are clearly not adhering to it when we DO qualify then why the hell should we adhere when they clearly don't? Don't talk to me about being nice and all that crap. All these people understand is death and violence against ANYONE and thats all we should give them.

    Kill em all, let God sort them out."

    you know, for all those extremists who have been imprisoned who have only the intention of slaying americans in only the most inhumane way, I agree wholeheartedly with this statement.

    if the shoe was on the other foot, and our soldiers were captured by these people who we now hold imprisoned, they would probably be beheaded, tortured, disfigured, dragged through the streets, etc. they have NO intention of abiding by the geneva convention, or by being fair to us or to honor the rights of the US soldiers.

    so they deserve absolutely no special treatment as a result. they have no rights, just as they would have afforded our boys if they were in their hands.

    so yes, I agree with woof. when it comes to terrorists imprisoned - they deserve no rights - they regard americans without such endowments, so why should we honor them with any?

    how would it help if we showed people who want only death, not rights whatsoever for america? why do dems feel the need to preserve such peoples' rights? they ONLY WANT death for you. nothing else. this is what is so baffling. fairness is fairness, but only appropriate to those who play by the same rules you are playing by. if enemies disregard your attempts at fairness, then we should oblige all the same.

    fight fire with fire.
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