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    I can't believe I haven't been to see "Ocean's 12' yet. (due to things coming up believe me.) I love "O11" and also really enjoyed "The Italian Job".

    Maybe tomorrow if I can.

    If you've seen it, what did you think?

    I would go and see anything with Brad Pitt in it. Actually I think I've seen all of his movies. When is "Troy" gonna be released on DVD....
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    Saw it last night and sad to say I wasn't impressed being a big fan of "O11". It just seemed to me as if it was rushed. Think I'll go and watch my "O11" on DVD again.
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    The wife and I loved it. The tempo of the movie is slower, more cerebral so dont expect a whole lot of eye poping action. Smart dialog, the "team" being back together was fun to watch and there are several "gotchas" in regard to their heists. Plus, Catharine Zeta-Jones looks HOT!!!


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