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    I am looking for a site that I can bookmark to give me updated sports scores. Unfortunately, I have to work on many Sundays, but would like to keep up with the NFL games. Thanks for the help.
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    I use has an inventory of a number of palm-friendly sites
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    You can use also, fast loading on the treo
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    this is what I use although for some reason they don't always update it as regularly but it's nice because all the scores are on one or 2 pages.
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    I find a need to have both ESPN and CBS Sportsline on my Treo.

    BTW, the regular CBS Sportsline web site ( on my Laptop) is great for following a game. The "live game stats" feature in the scoreboard tab is great.
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    Which site gives the best "timely" alerts to your Treo?

    MSN sucks.(Hit and Miss)
    CBS Sportsline is inconsistent (but great for everything else)

    What about ESPN, Yahoo, etc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ihavetreo
    Unfortunately is powered by CBS which is not great on timely alerts. (see my post above)

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