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    Have you ever, ever, ever, in your long-legged life seen a long-legged sailor with a long-legged wife?
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    Why do couples close their eyes when they kiss?
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    Why isn't sugar spelled with a "sh"? ...Colonel not Kernel regardless?
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    What did we do before the internet?
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    Would break your TC anonymity (in a restaurant/ball game/any public place) if you were absolutely certain of another TC member's identity?
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    What theatre/TV screen does a 30 minute a documentary film about your life play on?

    a) video presentation in a University course on psycho-analysis?
    b) any Century 21 or AMC silver theatre screen?
    c) home on DVD?
    d) public access cable?
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    Is it likely that you could ever be friends in the real world with Samantha of "Sex and the City" fame?
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    Is it likely that you could ever be friends in the real world with Carrie of "Sex and the City" fame?
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    Who would you be more likely to have a drink with? ...Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, or Samantha?
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    Can you remember the moment -- your child-like naive-ness began to slip away?
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    Have you live long enough to see the tables turned?
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    What is our responsibility today to our high school classmates of years past -- who were goofing off while we were studying?
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    I wonder how much has Anna Nicole spent so far?
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    Civilian space flight will be affordable in 20 years, will schedule a trip into space?
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    Why do couples start to look like each other as they grow older together?
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    Do you get upset when a person forgets or spells your name incorrectly?
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    Have you ever declared your opponent the winner in an argument?
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    Are you prejudice toward homeless people who apprear to be over-weight? Does your homeless benefactor need to be beggarly?
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    Why do you open the refrigerator and stare? Then close it. Then come back 5 minutes later open it and stare in it again?
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    What if there were no mirrors?

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