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    the grass is always greener on the other pair of legs.
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    Sirius will out run XM radio within a year or two. They have all the sport package except for MLB. All sport casting has commercial, it helps pay for the cost. Out bidding for NBA, NHL, or NFL isn't too bad considering commercial is part of the programs.
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    "Our partnerships with GM, Honda, and other auto manufacturers"...this gives XM a HUGE installed base of subscribers that Sirius will only dream about. Sorry
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    Remember people, the opinions on this thread will be biased based upon which sat provider people have. I have XM and I love it. I chose XM because of the stock values and fugured it was the stronger company I also had chose XM because they were the first sat company and I loved the choices of music they provided. My car also came with XM from the factory. I then bought a MyFi portable and loved it so much I bought a second one! I also plan on buying a third MyFi because there are too many specials on XM that I like to recored while I am out or at work.

    Yeah I am biased, I love my XM!
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    Anyone know if Treo 600/650 is able to play the sirius stream that Sprint is now offering?

    To Seconds2Nones point, the outbidding on all the sports packages and the $500 million dollar Stern deal worries me about Sirius. I have both services and I tend to listen to XM more....
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    its only going to keep going up. buy now. Sirius is way better than XM if you want music. the music stations are just plain better, PLUS Sirius will have stern, and it has NFL and NHL, and martha stewart, plus like 10 new channels launching soon. Sirius is only going to get bigger, meanwhile Opie and Anthony will be begging to get on Sirius when XM bottoms out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by circpro
    Anyone know if Treo 600/650 is able to play the sirius stream that Sprint is now offering?
    What's the scoop on the Sprint Sirius streaming. I have both and would love to stream my Sirius. I am going to head over to Sprint to see what I can find out.

    EDIT: Is this what you are talking about?
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