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    Someone with more knowledge than I may be able to answer this:

    I have an old noisy hardrive on my computer. I'd like to replace it. How do I copy over everything so I do not have to reinstall windows / all my programs? I am very handy with most computer things.
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    Wow! Great question! I'm in the market for a new computer, but I've been dragging my feet because I didn't know what to do either!
    I'll be watching this thread for an answer, and then maybe I can go out and spend some more money!!!!!
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    I've replaced a few hard drives in my time and installing fresh is not such a big deal. In fact, you'll find that things are so much cleaner when you a fresh install. There are a few utilities out there that will just do a wholesale copy but you just copy, all the "old sins" follow the copy when you do. If you have installed and removed several programs your registry is bloated. I would highly recommend installing a new drive fresh rather than just copying it over....but do the following:
    1. BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP your data. If you had a CD burner in your computer I'd burn a CD with all my data.
    2. Do a Start, Programs, and then see all the programs you have installed and WRITE THEM DOWN. Then assemble all of the source CDs for your programs. For programs such as Acrobat Reader and others that you download, download them all in advance and place them on your backup CD.
    3. Make sure you have the drivers for all of your hardware also so ensure that everything will function correctly when you are through.

    Seems like a lot of work but in the end I think you'll find it worth the effort.
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    Actually, I had to reinstall everything a few months ago, and I am completely satisfied with this computer except for the darned loud hard drive. I have two backups of my data (the other HD and a USB HD). I found this link that should help me out
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    Another option is to use Norton's Ghost. It just images your entire drive. You can just restore the image to a new drive when you are ready to switch.
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    ghost or drive image (there are other). maka an image of your drive to cd/dvd/another drive. boot up using the emergcy disk to dos. copy the image to the new hard drive.

    btw, i think ghost will create a bootable cd for you.

    back when i beta tested xp, this is what most of us did. each new build needed to be installed on a non beta os.
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    I've done 4 replacements and this is what I use. Works really well.
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    I used a free program ( to mirror the old disk. The only problem is that the new one is bigger than the old one and therefore I have two partitions in the new one. Oh well.
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    The new drive is great! I wasn't really looking for a "silent" PC (though I may in the future), though the whole reason for buying the new drive was to make my computer quieter. There was a problem with the motor on the last one. It was so loud I had to close the door to my living room in order to sleep (granted I'm a light sleeper). I slept with the door open for the first time since my computer was new and I had yet to install the offending drive! Anyway, it was the best $35 I ever spent on the computer (amazing how I can buy a 60gig drive for under $40. I know there are better deals out there, but Microcenter was having a sale and this was really the only one left).
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    Put both drives in the computer and run Norton Ghost (or if you can find some free drive imaging software even better -- a lot of times new retail boxed hard drives come with imaging software like Maxtor's "maxblast"). Just mirror from the old "source" disk to the new "target" disk. Just make sure you dont get your source/target mixed up! Then you can erase the old drive, throw it out, whatever..

    Reinstalling from scratch (especially if you're using Win9x or WinMe) onto the new drive is the best idea but more work. You can just stick the old drive in there afterward and pull off data files as needed.

    <edit: damnit I guess I shoulda read the post dates...... well have fun Kram and if you wanna change the partition sizes, "Partition Magic" works well >
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    I think I'm going to change the partition sizes. Is Partition Magic free? That's what I liked about the utility I used. :-)
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    Yeah, it could be free depending on your morals. Search around there might be a free alternative.

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