JAG has been one of my favorite TV series, but I haven't had the time to see any of the new season. I did record them on my DVR and just finished watching the episode aired on 10/29/04. This was the one about the Marine being selected as the next head of JAG. If anyone else watched this, what did you think.

While the series often goes off the deep end with super hero Pilot/Lawyer Harm, in general it gives those who have never served a realistic glimpse of military life, traditions, policies, and politics. In addition it presents current events in such a way as to show both sides of an issue without demonizing either side. This episode was one of the best in this regard.

Having been an active participant in the political discussions on this forum, I would like to say that it is unfortunate that in reality we have such a difficult time addressing our differences with the same temperament and open mindedness as the show presents them.

BTW, if you haven't watched any of JAG, I highly recommend that should you get the chance to catch a rerun or 2, give it a try. Many real life events and issues, controversial and not, have been presented including...

Don't ask don't tell.
Women in the military.
Navy P3 collision with Chinese Fighter.
Landing of C130 on an Aircraft Carrier.
Inter service bickering.
Bad leadership and good leadership.