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    That youg lady in the palmOne publicity shots took a picture of mine ... 'cept I have a 2002 model.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 03Range
    I think they're calling it the LR3. Its a good looking car. A little big for my tastes but it may end up being the SUV of the Year for 2005.
    Yup that is the one.. over here it is still called the discovery..
    Top gear (UK car program) tested it by litterally driving it up a mountain.
    It did very well off road, and is claimed to be better on road than your rangie... pretty bold claim I think..
    Beside the rediculous fuel consumption they loved it. They recommended the TDi so you dont go bankrupt on fuel bills
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    Honda Odyssey EX 2001
    & Honda Civic Ex 1995.
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    Hey Ronbo2000:

    Are we talking a Boss 429? or 302? how's the condition? I have a 69 Coupe.
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    Anyone know how to make contact with gharrod? He claims in a post that he has had a Treo 650 since November 13, 2004, and its integrated in his new 2005 Infiniti FX35 car. Is this guy the joking type or is this credible stuff. I just wanted to get some info from him before I go to the dealership today.

    Quote Originally Posted by gharrod
    HA HA Chicky, good one! I just got a 2005 Infiniti FX35 with the tech package and BT. It works beautifully with the T650.
    Quote Originally Posted by ericdfairchild
    gharrod - you've already got a 650 and can confirm that the BT implementation works well with cars (or at least your Infinity)? Cool!
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    This is how I get around town.

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    Black volkswagon passat glx v6 - love it.
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