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    1991 3000GT-VR4
    Gonna be traded in next year, though - I've got an emissions problem that no shop will fix (without warning me about the zillions of dollars in damage they might cause), so I can't re-register it... sniff...

    2001 Chevy Venture WB
    Hey - 3 kids - what can ya do? FYI this picture was the first time in 70,000 miles that the car ever really died, and it was only a battery... It's been a nice car for us...
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    Avatars.... <hrumpphh> I guess, since all the cool kids are doing it.
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    Here is the picture of my car.
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    My Jeep
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    Well behaved women rarely make history
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    Speedy and efficient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee Zaster
    Speedy and efficient.
    Dee's pic reminded me of a Robin Williams line..."If you see a man with his hand up a horse's **** in Omish country, don't be surprised, he's only a mechanic."

    And I drive a 1994 Ford Crown Vic...hey don't laugh, not only is it paid for...its got a trunk big enough to hide a dead body!! (not that I carry them in my )
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    We have a 1995 Honda Civic EX and a 2000 Honda Odyssey.

    The Civic has over 203,000 miles on her and has never given me a problem. But 10 years is all I ask of a car and I hope to be upgrading to either a Honda Accord or Acura TL in the near future. I plan on giving the Civic to a nephew who will need a car soon.

    Any one have any opinions on whether the TL is worth the extra $7,000 over the top end Accord?
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    HA HA Chicky, good one! I just got a 2005 Infiniti FX35 with the tech package and BT. It works beautifully with the T650.
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    gharrod - you've already got a 650 and can confirm that the BT implementation works well with cars (or at least your Infinity)? Cool!
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    NOW - 2003 Honda Odyssey and
    LATER - Lexus SC
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    2003 corolla $20 or less fills hers up
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    I love my 2002 Honda Civic. Worst thing that's happened to it was a dead battery a couple months ago. So unless it's being targeted by cute college co-eds -- which it has been twice before -- it's kept its owner quite happy.

    My next one will be a hybrid if gas keeps hanging around $2 a gallon. Who can afford a $450 phone if you can't afford to commute?

    Need a car that runs off wind power. Everyone knows that Florida got plenty of that...
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    40th Anniversary Mustang GT
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    Eric all I can say is it works well. I am about 15 minutes from you in CT. If anyone wants a kickin' case for their T650 Dan's Cellular (on Ebay) has the latch case for $13.99 and it fits like a dream. I am going to use this and prbably not going to rerplace my Vaja case.
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    that's my car-
    behind the bright lights is this

    97 dodge intrepid. My next car is most likely a bmw 3 series, and when i get that, my intrepid is being converted into 4WD borrowing parts from a jeep liberty.

    i tend to take things and make them very rugged- i take my intrepid off road on occasion, i take my treo and pda w/gps up mountains...
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    So it was you, Kenundrum, who was tailgating me with the highbeams on the other day.

    98 Nissan Maxima - Super reliable with some kick to it.
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    Pic here

    2003 Grand AM GT1
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    Not mine, but it sure looks like it would be handy in deep snow...
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    My current ride is a 93 Pontiac Bonneville SSE Black with 190K miles on it. It's 100% stock but I hope to get some new speakers for it, and amp, and then finish building my CarPuter for it.
    (I don't have a good pic of it yet...)

    Next step (if i can find one in my price range...) is a Pontiac Bonneville GXP
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    The ones I love..

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    Though I could never say no to a lincoln continental with suicide doors.

    Iím a lucky man to count on both hands
    The ones I love..

    Visor Pro -> Visor Edge -> Treo 180 -> Treo 270 -> Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> T|T2+SE T68i -> Treo 600 -> T-Mobile MDA -> Treo 755p -> Treo 800w -> Treo 755p -> PALM PRE -> Palm Pre 2 -> HP Palm Pre 3

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