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    No sob story, no violins. I'm asking for everyone to donate a dollar to me. That's it!

    Click here to donate to my PayPal account. Please bare with me, as I have nothing up there except the PayPal link.


    The proceeds from your donation will NOT go towards a Treo 650. That's a promise.
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    Hey, that's not cool, man... If I'm gonna give you a dollar I wan't some BS story to read. Plain and simple... Cough it up!
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    What is it going for? Do I get a thankyou note? :-)
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    Haha. I was just thinking that people might want the reason why.

    Here it is:

    Proceeds of Save TheHandlessKing Foundation will go to my college loan which is in excess of $10,000.

    And of course it will help a just out of college student survive.


    Of course you'll get a thank you note!
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    Okay, I'm in.
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    Thanks KRamsauer!!!

    Your email is in the mail.

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    Handless King,

    Are you a liberal arts major or something?
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    Business Adminstration with an Emphasis in Marketing.

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    Everyone send the money to me, and I'll, um, forward it on to TheHandlessKing.
    "Oooh oooh aaah aaah! Slap!" - MAdMoNKEY
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    Hey Handless- with your degree in business/marketing, it ought to be a cinch to get a job whereupon you can afford to pay off your own debts without mooching off of others. When i finished my education in 1990 I had $126,000 in debt (4 yrs college + 4 yrs medical school) which I was able to pay. Good luck, son.
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    yeah gas, he might be able to do it without mooching, but what fun would that be. I might even try and scrounge up a dollar to donate. And if anyone wants to donate to me feel free
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    Maybe he's saving for his presidental run ? TheHandlessKing, Hillary Clinton, or Alan Keyes ?

    Who would you vote for ?
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    did u get any donations yet? i think i'm going to try this too

    there is a girl that did this when she was $20,000 in debt... and it worked...
    check the website out
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    i studied business and marketing
    class of 2003
    still not doing anything in my major
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    Pimping just went high tech!
    "Everyday is a Gift, A Blessing, An Opportunity!" - GM

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    I am up to $27,00 in loans for two years for college, when I pay that, I will send a buck.

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