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    no kitty. dems try to say repubs disenfranchise voters, discriminate and attempt to intimidate voters.

    those are cheap shots wl
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    these are lowly cheap shots which th dems are famous for.
    they fooled no one. this election proves it.

    dems know they lack the following, so they create these false scenarios to try to sway undecided voters.

    underhanded and false. this is the face such actions place on the democratic party, and you have paid for it with this year's election results.

    no one buys that crap anymore.
    try winning on merit rather than creating sleazy attacks, huh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by azmike
    I bet Hillary is happy today don't you think?
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    Gee. I guess all Democrats are sore losers. Then again, given the magnitude of the President's historic victory, I can understand it.

    Good news for everyone: Hopefully the end of the hysterical politics on these boards and back to discussion of the Treo. Enough of the clutter.
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    Again. Stop the blanket statements. Locked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woof
    I just wonder if Eurokitty is really the person we want providing care to our vets. I mean she has such vitriolic hatred for republicans, how can she care for many of our troops, whoi are republicans without letting her hatred come through. Do they get the same care as the democrat soldiers do or does she treat them with the smae hatred and contempt she shows us here. Really sad if she does. I hope she is at least more mature than that. Posts here dont really indicate that, but for the sake of our brave military men and women I hope that is the case.
    Woof you know about the no personal attack rule...
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